Empowering Creativity  Movement /Dance and Life/Art Metaphors
Esalen Institute July 22-27

Daria Halprin,  special  guest appearance by Anna Halprin in her 98th year,  and artists/musicians Dohee Lee and Jahan Khalighi

Throughout times movement, dance and the expressive arts have provided individuals and communities with a means of soulful expression, healing and connection with the spirit. This workshop will generate opportunities for participants to find such meaning connected with the real issues in their lives.

In an exploration of the  body in movement and imagination, life and art, individual and collective dances and stories, participants will immerse inThe Life/Art Process® developed by the Halprins. Movement/dance, drawing, poetic dialogue, individual and group dance,  reflective writing, performance  and the natural environment will be utilized to renew, regenerate, inspire, envision and catalyze new resources to bring back into daily life.

Pioneers in their respective fields of dance and expressive arts based psychology, they worked with Fritz Perls, Ida Rolf, Will Schultz and others in the early years at Esalen. The Halprins  were part of the groundbreaking human potential and postmodern dance movement which flourished in the 1960’s – 70’s.  

The workshop is designed for everyone, with no previous experience in dance/art needed.

Recommended readings:
The Expressive Body in Life,Art & Therapy by Daria Halprin [ JKP ]
Dance As Experience: Anna Halprin, by Janice  Ross

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Tamalpa ArtCorps

At Tamalpa we train and empower our students to utilize dance and the healing arts as a catalyst for change and transformation in their lives, in their communities and in the world.

2018 Schedule


Empowering Creativity
A day long workshop with Daria Halprin at CIIS in San Francisco
February 24


Core Dance Company
Atlanta Georgia
Evening event in collaboration with Emory College
April 16 - April 20


Tamalpa Summer workshop
Movement As a Life/Art Process
June  18 - 22


Empowering Creativity – Movement/Dance and Life/Art Metaphors at  Esalen Workshop
July 22 - 27


Trainings at Tamalpa Institute
September – December


Tamalpa Weekend in Life/Art Dances
October 27 - 28